Wild We Roam: My Bucket List Backstory
What's in my Travel Bag?

What's in my Travel Bag?

21 May 2019

Wild We Roam: My Bucket List Backstory

Hi! I get so excited about art and travel, I forget to introduce myself. If we haven’t had a chance to meet yet, I’m Jennifer, a fine-art photographer.

I’m working my way through my bucket list of photographing unique herds of horses in 20 locations around the world. This multi-year, international series entitled Wild We Roam documents wild, half-wild, and unique herds of horses in some fascinating locales.

Where Wild We Roam has taken me (so far!):

Here’s the backstory on how the Wild We Roam series came to be:

Encyclopedia Escape

Growing up in a small town on the East Coast of Canada, I was a shy kid who loved to retreat to the woods to explore. Encyclopedias, documentaries and magazines were my windows to far-off places. Actually getting to see those places for myself? That seemed like a far-fetched dream.

Nature, Animals & Advocacy

I’ve always been drawn to nature and animals. Their beauty and strength fascinates me. Early on, I took that love of animals and applied it to advocacy, raising money for the SPCA and eventually becoming president of my local chapter.

Behind the Camera

I studied photography at the Nova Scotia Community College and spent a decade working as a commercial photographer. Continuing my education after graduation, I learned from amazing mentors who helped me hone my technique and enhance my creative eye. What started as an internship at Hemmings House blossomed into a career as a photographer, producer and director.

Motherhood & Evolving My Career

The full-day photoshoots commercial photography demands didn’t accommodate motherhood very well. I was ready to dive into my own project. I wanted my work to combine and reflect my passions: animals and nature, and photography. And Wild We Roam was born.


Instead of simply documenting wild beauty, this project emphasizes the larger

context in which the horses exist, and the environmental, political and economic pressures shaping their future.

My love for animals extends to my plate: I’m a vegan. For me, preparing and eating plant-based foods give me joy, energy and a deep sense of connection to the land.

Full Speed Ahead

I launched Wild We Roam in 2018 with a pop-up gallery at Tuck Interiors. Connecting in person with the people interested in my work was so gratifying. It led to the purchase of an historic property that will soon be home to my own gallery, boutique and studio.

Local and global customers can find my limited-edition prints and notecards in my online shop. While my formal education is in photography, I’ve fallen in love with entrepreneurship along the way.

Like many artists, my creativity isn’t contained to one art form. Although Wild We Roam is my main focus, I’m also a singer-songwriter! Music, fine-art – whatever the medium, I’ve got a fire in me to create.

The Next Chapter

Doors will open on my gallery in Uptown Saint John in the summer of 2019. I’m looking forward to introducing locals and visitors alike to works rooted in the East Coast of Canada.

My adventure documenting the unique herds of Icelandic horses is slated to launch in my gallery and online shop in the fall of 2019.

And I’m continuing my Wild We Roam quest. Where to next?
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About the artist

Jennifer Irving is a fine-art photographer who captures the essence of wild landscapes and creatures. Her unposed portraits are naturally beautiful works about real people and places.

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