Wild We Roam – Gallery Exhibition Announcement
Mixtape // 009 Summertime Studio Mix

Mixtape // 009 Summertime Studio Mix

16 August 2018

Wild We Roam – Gallery Exhibition Announcement


Jennifer Irving will be hosting her first show exhibiting the series “Wild We Roam” uptown
Saint John, NB. The exhibit will be featured during the cities exciting Gallery Hop, where local
art enthusiast go from gallery to gallery to view the latest exhibitions, meet the artists and
gallery directors/owners.


Wild We Roam is a multi-year, international series, where Jennifer Irving will travel and
photograph the remaining wild horse populations around the world. Starting from Sable
Island, a sliver of sandbar off the coast of Nova Scotia, the project will cover twenty sites
globally, including the American west, the feral horse colonies in Europe, South America,
Africa, and beyond.

The exhibition will comprise portraits from her travels to Sable Island and
California travels to showcase animal strength and spirit, displaying horses in their habitats,
their interactions with each other and the land. Instead of simply documenting wild beauty,
the project emphasizes on the larger contexts in which the horses exist, and the
environmental, political and economic pressures shaping their future.

About the artist

Jennifer Irving is a fine-art photographer who captures the essence of wild landscapes and creatures. Her unposed portraits are naturally beautiful works about real people and places.

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