The Nature Of Things

“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” — Annie Leibovitz

Nature is my biggest muse, my favourite subject. Not many things make me happier than being out in the field, camera in hand, exploring a landscape, watching the light change, seeing wild creatures in their natural habitats.

I’ve always loved exploring, always loved an adventure. Yet it took a surprisingly illuminating recent phone call with a then-stranger to make me realize just how strongly that comes through in my photographs. I’d called GoDaddy, the website company, about a technical issue. An hour later, I hung up from an insightful and wide-ranging conversation with Ricardo, the super-insightful customer service agent from Arizona with whom I’m now on a first-name basis.

As Ricardo helped me with my technical issues, he asked about my photography practice and my work. He offered what sounded to me like sound marketing advice. Looking at my site, my work, he asked about my clients and followers. Who was my work for?

I struggled a bit to answer. People who like horses? Who like nature? People with fantastic taste, I joked?

Ricardo said my photos seemed like they were for adventurers, that they’d appeal to free spirits.

I hadn’t really articulated this before. Photography is my way of capturing beauty, a record of awe. To immortalize a moment to share it across time and space. I’ve always loved exploring, and photography is a way to contain and extend the essence of those experiences.

But I’d never thought of my photographs as vicarious adventures, exactly, or conduits to the wild even from the comfort of home.

I hung up from my service call/therapy session/marketing consultation full of wonder at the encounter, a surprising adventure in itself.

You never know who or what you’ll find out there. Or who will see right away you’re a little wild at heart. Maybe you are, too?