New Gallery Coming to Uptown Saint John: Jennifer Irving Photography Announces Purchase of 62 Water Street
29 January 2019

New Gallery Coming to Uptown Saint John: Jennifer Irving Photography Announces Purchase of 62 Water Street

New Gallery Coming to Uptown Saint John: Jennifer Irving Photography Announces Purchase of 62 Water Street

SAINT JOHN – Jennifer Irving Photography is proud to announce the purchase of 62 Water Street. The historic property was built in 1885 in the wake of the Saint John fire.

“Sixty-two Water Street will be a gallery on the first floor with a studio on the second floor,” said Jennifer Irving, fine art photographer. “I hope to host events as well, contributing to the blossoming arts and culture scene in Saint John.”

In a nod to the building’s previous function, the souvenir shop Distant Waters, the gallery will include a boutique.

“We are happy to see another space in Uptown Saint John being transformed into a creative spot that will also add to our local economy. One of our areas of focus is to continue to grow and support an entrepreneurial culture. Jennifer’s new business will be another example of what is possible here and hopefully motivate others to take their own entrepreneurial step,” says Ron Gaudet, CEO of Economic Development Greater Saint John (EDGSJ).

Jennifer is working with Studio Shirshekar to preserve as many original elements of the building as possible. Renovations will begin shortly and Jennifer hopes to open the gallery in the summer of 2019.

“This is a unique opportunity to work on a heritage building Uptown that will become both a cultural venue for the city and a space visitors to the area can explore,” said architect and owner of Studio Shirshekar, Sanaz Shirshekar.

The first collection to be displayed: fine art photographs of Icelandic wild horses as part of Jennifer’s ‘Wild We Roam’ series. “I’m departing today for a six-day trek to document Icelandic horses.”

Iceland is one of 20 locations Jennifer plans to visit to document unique herds of horse populations around the world. The project is comprised of portraits of animal strength and spirit, displaying horses in their habitats, their interactions with each other and the land. “Instead of simply documenting wild beauty,” Jennifer said, “the project emphasizes the larger contexts in which the horses exist, and the environmental, political and economic pressures shaping their future.”

Photo by Allie Beckwith

Jennifer in Rothesay, New Brunswick

About Jennifer Irving:

Jennifer Irving is a fine-art photographer from Canada’s East Coast. With over a decade’s experience in travel, corporate and editorial portraits, she is now focused on environmentally conscious art photography. More on Jennifer here.


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About the artist

Jennifer Irving is a fine-art photographer who captures the essence of wild landscapes and creatures. Her unposed portraits are naturally beautiful works about real people and places.

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