Desert Oasis

I found myself on Airbnb.com looking for a unique place to stay in Arizona. Alas, I found an urban farm that peaked my curiosity. The reviews were great and it wasn’t far from the Salt River. I decided to book it and I am so glad that I did.

Meet Cecilia, my host at Cecilia’s Garden. 

She lives next door to her Airbnb rental unit with her boyfriend Chuck. They have a beautiful urban garden that they created in their backyard. It’s a little piece of paradise, mixed with flowers, fruit trees, vegetables, insect houses, and bird baths. Cecilia also has a little chicken coop where I found the happiest and healthiest chickens running around. Cecilia created a sink area, greenhouse and outdoor kitchen using repurposed furniture.

Cecilia is so passionate and was happy to share her knowledge on sustainable gardening and making homemade kombucha.

It was a pleasure to meet such lovely and welcoming people as Cecilia and Chuck. It’s a gentle reminder that there are kind souls out there who will inspire and leave us a little more knowledgeable and grateful of the things around us.