Creating Camargue: My Creative Process

Creating Camargue: My Creative Process

In the fall, I travelled to Camargue. Hugged by the Mediterranean sea on France’s southern coast, Camargue is home to a unique herd of all-white horses.

In this post, I break down my process for creating La Camargue, the latest installment in my Wild We Roam collection.

Research and Plan

Long before packing my suitcase, I poured over books, blogs and documentaries (including Wild France and Crin Blanc.) All this research led to a better understanding for the horses that are native to Camargue.

For centuries, these small horses have lived in the harsh environment next to the Mediterranean Sea, between the two arms of the Rhone River. I learned that the iconic Camargue colts are typically brown or black. Their color changes to white around the fourth year.


Next comes the actual adventure: travelling to France, driving a rental car to Marseille, a port city in southern France, and then exploring the Camargue National Park.

It’s a haven of wetlands, natural lakes and marshes where the Camargue horses roam.  In order to capture photos of horses running through the water I needed the right gear. That included hip waders. Fashionable, I know! But there’s no way I would have endured four days of mud and knee-deep water, in the chill of a late October without them.

It was so surreal to see these beautiful, ancient creatures up close and personal. Beyond my camera and lenses, I also carried a notepad to take notes and record my impressions.


Back in my studio, I dive into editing. My philosophy with editing? Make small enhancements but  prioritize the integrity of the moment. Even with a decade of photography and editing experience and I am always enhancing my technique.

The right playlist definitely helps me get in the zone for this step in the process. I created this South of France Mixtape to capture the vibe Marseille in the late fall.

Next I name each piece. I keep a travel journal of field notes to capture my impressions in the moment. Date Night makes me think of the Sussex Drive-in. I titled this piece Le Crèche (a place for young to be cared for) as it shows mothers and their colts frolicking together. There’s a title and a unique experience behind every photo so I honour them with a name.


And then the moment where every artist holds their breath: sharing art with the world.

The Camargue collection is in my online shop, both as prints and notecards. It has been so rewarding to see my work hanging in other’s homes. I love how Allie Beckwith has chosen the clean simplicity of the limited edition La Camargue for her minimalist home office.

Another rewarding moment? Signing my name on prints before they’re framed and shipped.

If you want to see the collection in person, pieces from La Camargue are on display at The Gallery on Queen in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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