Art for Your Sweetheart: Why Fine Art Makes a Great Gift
La Camargue - Behind the Scenes

La Camargue - Behind the Scenes

28 January 2019

Art for Your Sweetheart: Why Fine Art Makes a Great Gift

I’ll never forget the Cliff Turner painting I received from my husband David.  It has monarch butterflies and a woman’s hand with a camera. I felt like it was painted just for me! I hung it up beside my front door so I see it every time I leave the house.  It’s inspiring subject matter, it reminds me of how supportive my husband is of my passions and it looks beautiful in our home.

With Valentine’s day quickly approaching I wanted to share why art makes a great gift to show your appreciation to your Valentine.

Lasting and Timeless

Chocolates will be eaten, roses will wilt, but art is timeless. That is, if you’re choosing a gallery quality print.

Produced to the highest archival standards, your fine art print is printed on paper that is acid-free and prints are inkjet printed with an archival pigment ink that significantly enhances the visual brilliance of both color and black & white images. This ink also has a substantial longevity that keeps your images beautiful for generations.

Elevate A Space

Art elevates a space. If you’re purchasing art an office, apartment, or the home you share with your Valentine, it will serve as a meaningful reminder of your appreciation.

Limitless Love? Limited Edition

Giving a limited edition print speaks volumes. You’ve specially selected something for your love that will retain its value over time. You’re adding to (or perhaps starting!) their art collection.

My advice for purchasing any art, be it prints, photographs or sculptures: get a first edition if you can. First edition artwork is more valuable over time.

Sweetheart Moments from Wild We Roam

Photographing wild horses, I’ve been lucky enough to witness the tenderness in unique herds around the world. Here are some of my favourites:

Titled ‘IL’

Titled ‘Les Pirates’

Titled ‘Bizou’Titled ‘Datenight’

We have a special offer on four 11″ x 14″ fine art photographic prints for you or your sweetheart. Orders placed on or before February 1st will be shipped to your door in time for Valentine’s Day.

Shop here.

Can’t decide?

Let your Valentine choose their piece with a gift card.

About the artist

Jennifer Irving is a fine-art photographer who captures the essence of wild landscapes and creatures. Her unposed portraits are naturally beautiful works about real people and places.

More on Jennifer here


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